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I have been a Christian from early childhood, and my faith has grown through both struggles and blessings over many years.  From early in life I have also enjoyed reading books, and subsequently developed interests in writing.  I excelled in Honors English and obtained a minor in English along with my Bachelors in Accounting.   I toyed with the idea of writing a book in my 20s, but life got in the way.  The happily-ever-after family ended in divorce, and so I raised my children by myself from the  time they were 1 and 4 years old; they are now in their 30s with families of their own – two wonderful young adult Christians thanks to the Lord’s many intercessions on our behalf.  To support my little family I have advanced in a career from an Accounts Payable Clerk to a Financial Analyst – a far cry from a Christian Author.  Through the years I have remained a devoted Christian, and continue to have a yearning to write from this perspective.  And it is finally time to begin the new journey.

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  1. Rebecca, Please call me . Candy M. 745-7611
    WE’ve lived in Wasilla since 84, in Alaska since early 70’s formerly from MInn.
    I ‘ve experienced everincreaseing faith in Jesus since I was 7 yrs old
    Your intertwining of articles with God’s truth & faith has inspired me to do the same.
    God is using media right now.increasingly.

    1. Hello. I regret the delay in responding, I’ve been out of town on vacation. So glad to hear you’ve found encouragement and inspiration in my writings, and that you are led to share your faith in a similar way. Without the Lord as my Guide, I can’t imagine how my life would be. My schedule is very hectic right now, but I will try to call you next week sometime. Thank you again for your kind words.

  2. I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.

    1. Hello. I sincerely apologize for the great tardiness in reply. My site has been having technical difficulties and a great challenge for me to work it out. I finally read WordPress All in One for dummies, almost 800 pages (though I skipped the really technical computer code modifications, don’t trust myself with fooling around with that, maybe if I were younger, anyway), and as I process all that information I’m limping along to feel comfortable with running my website.
      Hopefully, you are still interested in my book. The information about it is on the second tab ‘Books.’ However, here is a link that if you use it to buy the book, you get several free items: the ebook, and two more ebooks, one a collection of historical devotionals by well-known authors and a compilation of all the writers who are part of the group I belong to, Author Finally, free membership to our Readers and Writers Book Club.
      Link to book promotion:

      Thank you for your patience, and I apologize again for the delayed response. And it’s no bother! If you do get my book, I would appreciate feedback on if it met your expectations.

      Rebecca J Wetzler

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