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One of my nephews works for Anchorage Printing.  A few weeks ago, he asked me to write an article about Faith for  one of their publications.  As much as I say I like to write, I was brought up short.  Yes, I have been making several steps toward publishing my devotional ‘Breadbox for the Broken,‘ but so far it has really only been preparation and planning, nothing has actually happened in print.

Well, I have been writing this blog for almost a year now.  I started off slow; I have picked up some speed since the first of the year, but my readership is still basically non-existent.  (So if you read this, leave me a comment so I know it was read!)  And I have had to use discernment as to how God wants me to go about the devotional’s actual publication, meaning I bypassed an opportunity because it just did not feel right.  Now, here my nephew has faith in me to write something printable about Faith, and I was immediately scared I could not do it!  But I had to write something!  I could not tell my nephew I got nothin’.

So I prayed, then struggled, stretched, and wrote an article; and re-wrote and re-wrote until I thought it sounded decent enough to send him, though I was expecting he would have to tell me, politely, that it was not quite what they were looking for.   Instead, he said he loved it, and I believe him because I just read it in the June 2013 issue of the Greatlander, page 22.  So something I wrote is in print!  I am so thankful the Lord gave me something to say, and Mr Cody Liska printed it.   You can see for yourself on their website, in a week or so, after the hard copy mailing has been completed.

Hebrews 11:1 ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’  Having been given this publishing opportunity, it confirms my faith that I am going in the write direction.  When the evidence is unseen, I can be reassured He is working behind the scenes to open doors for me.  He empowers me to remain determined to pursue this long dormant dream of writing.

fish leap of faith

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  1. Great work on the newspaper article and this blog. Keep doing it. God is with you. You are a great steadfast example of God’s love and his ability to work through people. Keep reaching out. Others need your spark.

  2. Rebecca-I read your post about faith and I can relate. It’s difficult when you think no one reads what you write, but don’t give up and keep at it. Instead of a dam bursting, sometimes it’s just the little trickles of water, steady and diligent.

  3. I just read your article in July’s Greatlander, which is what brought me to your site.. Very encouraging thank you keep up the good work.. For today this touched my heart and mind.. “good character traits: Honoring God, honoring parents, faithful to vows, truthflul, and contentment with one’s own lot in life” written by Rebecca Wetzler.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. My prayer is to share the words the Lord has placed in my heart, and He will build others up with them. I’m glad they helped you!

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