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Who wrote the hymn ‘Just As I Am?’

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I love Worship Music.  So I’ve decided to add a category to my Blog about my favorites.  I love the hymn ‘Just As I Am.’  In 1835, 177 years ago, Charlotte Elliot wrote this beloved altar call hymn. She was preparing her heart for a charity bazaar the next morning, which was to raise money for the education of clergymen’s daughters.  Suddenly she was struck with a deep sense of spiritual worthlessness.  It lasted through the next day.  Searching for relief, she sat down to express herself in verse, a common comfort for her.  In one sitting, she poured out the beautiful hymn from a thankful heart for His salvation, just as she was, with imperfection faith and conflicting thoughts.  Her feelings of worth to Him were restored.  Little did she know, the beautiful hymn would become a lasting legacy which continues to bring people to the spiritual place where they meet and accept God’s grace, just as they are.

Just as I am – without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – though toss’d about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – poor, wretched, blind;
Sight, riches, healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – Thy love unknown
Has broken every barrier down;
Now to be Thine, yea, Thine alone,
-O Lamb of God, I come!

Just as I am – of that free love
The breadth, length, depth, and height to prove,
Here for a season, then above,
-O Lamb of God, I come![6

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